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Recent Reviews & Profiles

The Spokesman-Review, 2019

Heading 6
Rei Hotoda The Spokesman-Review_Review.p

The Munro Review, 2018

Munro Review War Requiem 3.png

Munro Review, 2017

The Fresno Bee, 2018

The Spokesman-Review, 2019

Rei Hotoda Spokesman-Review Profile.png

KVPR, 2018

Fresno Bee, 2017

The Tribune, 2017

SLO Tribune.png

Fresno Bee, 2018

Rei Frenso Bee Women's Equality....png

Inlander, 2019

Inlander profile .png

Munro Review, 2017

The Munro Review, 2018

Munroe Review Pippa Steals Show.png

The Munro Review, 2018

Munro Review TV Interview .png

ABC 30 Action News (Fresno), 2017


The Munro Review, 2018

Rei Munro Review of Opening Night .png

The Munro Review, 2018

Munro review 1st review .png

Valley Public Radio, 2018

Fresno Philharmonic Interviews: 

Rei Hotoda and Jennifer Koh, 2017

Valley PBS, 2017

Meet the New Fresno Philharmonic Music Director

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