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My Artistic Philosophy 

“While music is at the epicenter of what I do, arts education, creating a stronger community, and embracing those that support the art form is how I thrive. I believe deeply in these areas of my life and take my work as seriously off the podium as I do when I am on it.

As artists we must not only do what we can to build our audiences, but strive to reach people beyond the score through education, connecting with our communities and recognizing our supporters to ensure that through these important partnerships, we grow as artists and strive to make the greatest impact possible on our world around us.” 

Education and Engagement

“The arts isn’t just a space where we can appreciate or experience beauty, it is a space where thoughts and ideas are born and nurtured. In today’s world, it is more important than ever to have access to the arts, not just for the ultimate goal of creating an audience for tomorrow, but for building and sustaining the creativity that is so vital to our survival. It is in this way that I embrace my work in music education, seek opportunities to broaden the reach of the arts through music, and actively encourage all to think and act creatively.”


“I believe strongly that if the arts are the soul of creativity then community is at the heart of why we create. Being present in the world around us makes us better and stronger, gives us a sense of purpose, and provides an opportunity to belong to something greater than just ourselves. Through creating unique partnerships and lasting relationships we inspire dialogue, discussion and reflection, working toward a more agile and better community. Musicians should serve their communities; they should act as a powerful tool in helping build the future.”

Supporting the Arts 

“No matter if you are the member of an active board providing invaluable guidance and encouragement, a foundation allowing an organization to expand and explore, or an individual who helps to further an institution’s ultimate goal of reaching the masses through the arts, you are all vital contributors to sustaining the future. My artistic philosophy recognizes that if the arts are the soul of humanity and community is its heart, then those that support what we do are its backbone.” 

Sound Bites 

Hear Rei talk about Britten's monumentally powerful War Requiem, from a historical, musical and personal perspective.  Rei will be conducting the Fresno Philharmonic on November 11, 2018, exactly 100 years to the day that the Armistice to end World War I was signed. 

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Donald Munro, of the Munro Review, interviews Rei about her conducting-from-the-piano debut with the Fresno Philharmonic and working on Beethoven’s epic Triple Concerto as part of Beethoven@250.


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